Our ambition: JunoSystems is to become the leader in the field of Turnkey Platforms.
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JunoSystems: a turnkey software platform 

JunoSystems provides the foundation, platform, necessary to develop and deploy differentiating turnkey business applications. We develop together with our clients, in short and easily foreseeable release cycles. And we deliver a turnkey solution, based on the Juno platform. Traditional packaged applications are not designed for this type of development approach. JunoSystems is.

JunoSystems software application development provides a new level of adaptive applications that can be adjusted and modified. This is because no single software vendor can foresee the business logic of a customer company for more than a couple of years. JunoSystems guarantees a fast and cost effective development and deployment of your front office business application. We also provide an approach to designing and implementing the flexible and cost effective IT architectures needed to support these adaptive applications.

The JunoSystems combines four elements: Mobile Apps, Workflow, Finance and Blockchain, all-in one platform

Our Market Expertise

Our expertise has brought us to many different markets. Based on the software we built for our customers we identified 7 market segments. We know the ins and outs of these segments and we can add value the moment we get in touch with you.  

Business case: Asbestos Survey

Asbestos is a major public health threat, all around the world. Removing asbestos is a difficult and long-term process. First it has to be surveyed: what is the exact location of the asbestos in the building and how much. Subsequently, these abestos sources are removed and then the asbestos is processed. All of these process steps must be carefully documented.

JunoSystems has set up a partnership with a major surveyor in the field of asbestos in the Netherlands. We have built a system in which every source in a building is recorded very detailed. In this way the entire asbestos chain has good insight into what has been done. Among others, a very large real estate owner uses JunoSystems for their asbestos surveys.

Except  for asbestos survey, JunoSytems is also designing systems for the survey of toxic hexavalent chromium paint and the removal of glass wool, rock wool and PU insulation foam.

Business case: Production plant

What if a control valve in a process plant suddenly fails? Does the operator immediately know which type of control valve it is and how it should be repaired? Is it immediately clear whether this valve is under warranty or where it should be ordered?

By applying an RFID tag, it is easy to read via a handset with an app from JunoSystems, which type of control valve it is and what the next steps should be: call a technician or order a new one immediately. In JunoSystems, all documentation and information about service and maintenance can be set when designing the process plant.

JunoSystems is a very advanced system: we apply RFID, but also Augmented Reality and Artifical Intelligence in our production plan systems.

With JunoSystems the operator immediately knows in case of a calamity exactly what to do.

Happy JunoSystems users:

JunoSystems beyond Low and No code

JunoSystems is a business technology computer platform once developed as a low-code SaaS concept. As software systems developed from old fashioned coding to Low Code and now to No Code, JunoSystems makes the next step: Turnkey Software. 

Your business owner and our Business Developer together analyse the business requirements. Based on this analysis we build your apps. Because we work with a low/no code environment we can develop your solution very fast. Your Turnkey System can be delivered in a few weeks.

You can concentrate on your business while we build the application. Easy.

JunoSystems seamlessly connects field services, workflow management, finance and block chain. Juno’s modular software fits virtually every operational situation at no matter what complexity.

Cut your development time in half and start delivering new business innovation today. JunoSystems makes it easy to build web apps and portals that meet customers demands and streamline processes. Full-stack and enterprise-grade, unlock your back office and bring new solutions to market in a fraction of the time and cost.

JunoSystems in

Share your idea with us 

Let’s go on video (f.e. Skype) to meet on a more personal level. Our business developer digs deep with your business owner. We want to know everything concerning your business, and ideas. We hope you don’t mind if we bring some ideas of our own to improve the new proposition.

Share your idea NOW!

Our vision in one week

Within one week we present our vision as feedback. That is our first investment in you. Also, when we like the idea a lot we are happy to do a part of the investment on a partnership basis.


Functional design

We start building the solution by making a detailed functional design first.


Setup and deployment

We setup your dedicated, safe and secured environment in your own look, feel and communication assets in 2-3 weeks. 

Now you’re ready to roll!

Sprint by Sprint delivery

In case of customized demands. We deliver the software enhancements fast sprint by spint. You know exactly when every step is ready.

What Uber did for the taxi industry,

you can do yourself for your industry with the support of JunoSystems technology within a few weeks, not years.

JunoSystems combines 8 technologies

The JunoSystems platform combines 8 different types of technology. Depending on the need of the client we combine these elements to a bespoke system for your business. We call our approach Turnkey Software. You don’t need to have a specific knowledge of coding, we do. All you need is a good understanding of your business and we do do the rest. 

JunoSystems platform is enhanced with a Big Data Integrator, Business Intelligence Visualization tools (BI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Ready for your future.


JunoSystems team members

The team members of JunoSystems are seasoned in the world of IT, sales, marketing and finance.

. The founders started their IT venture in the Netherlands 10 years ago, which has led to the establishment of JunoSystems using brand name Juno. We have a team of 16 dedicated software developers working on JunoSystems, and a software pool of 300 freelance developers at our disposal.

Our Management Team:

Serge Janssen Daalen

Serge Janssen Daalen comes from a real entrepreneurial family, starting his first real company at age 13 with a friend, and employing two.

The power of Serge is his ability to remove inefficiencies in supply chain workflows, supported with the Juno computing framework, an ERP system designed in 2007 by the famous computer scientist Mr. Jurriaan Rot (1989, PhD). 

Ever since he kept investing in it, spending more than € 3.4M developing Juno into the blockchain age.

Serge owns an MBA in economics from the Nyenrode Business University. 


Lucas Wemes

Lucas Wemes has always been good at spotting great business opportunities.

The common thread in his career is transforming traditional industries (postal, telecommunications, energy, recruitment, patents) into successful market-oriented and commercial focused businesses.

Till he stumbled into blockchain technology as a result of a long-time pal (Serge Janssen Daalen) convincing him to study on Bitcoin and the Ethereum framework.

In 2015 Lucas Wemes joined Serge at JunoSystems. Lucas holds a BBA in International Marketing.

Robert Meijer

Robert C.J. Meijer worked for Shell in the Netherlands, Brunei, Egypt and Syria and later became treasurer of the 70 billion euro Shell Pension Fund at the Hague. Robert is known as mr. Currency Overlay, a subject which he pioneered and on which he lectured worldwide.

Robert held many board and investment committee seats over the course of his career, amongst others in listed companies and large pension funds such as APG. He continues to advise startups and is an active member of APEC in the membership committee.

Robert C.J. Meijer is a graduate of Rotterdam School of Management.

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